Blank Types

We sell blanks in four sizes, rifle (Carbine and Mannlicher), shotgun  and automatic rifle. Shotgun blanks can also be used as two-piece rifle blanks. These sizes are cut large to fit all variations in rifles , shotguns and automatics. 
A lot of blanks may be laid out with a pattern. This is not for any specific shotgun or rifle, it is only an example to show grain flow in general and what a stock carved out of our wood is going to look like. Also remember, if it looks good on a flat surface, after your gunsmith shapes your blank, it's going to look great.

All two-piece blanks come with a matching forend piece.


 if you require any additional information or technical measurements for your gun maker,  email us  and we will be happy to inspect your personal blank and provide you with these measurements and information. 


Figure Definitions

What constitutes FIGURE? Our definition of figure is: Any differentiation in the grain pattern or flow which adds some distinguishing characteristics to the beauty of the stock. This will include color contrast, fiddleback, feather crotch, marbling or burl, and can be one or any combination of these.