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How We Grade Our Wood

Grading of this wood is all about the amount of streaking and marbling in the wood, and the colors of this wood can vary from very blond to very highly colorful pieces.


Classe 1 : (Grade I - Standart) The proverbial “fence post” walnut, fast grown open-pored and completely plain, used on entry level guns only.

Select     : (Grade II) not a class 2 but better than class 1

Classe 2 : (Grade III - Semi Fancy) Good straight grain walnut with smaller pores than the classe one, generally very little figure, blanks of this grade will usually end up on the low end of A grade.

Classe 2.5 : (Grade IV - Moderately Fancy) Like classe 2 but with some figure.

Classe 3    : (Grade V - Fancy) Well figured blank, generally used on higher quality guns. 

Classe 4 : (Grade VI - Extra Fancy) These blanks are considered in the “Best” category and will definitely finish out as Premium or Royal grade. These blanks will be superior in the figure and color contrast.

Classe 5 : (Grade 7 - Exhibition) The finest blank available at any price, these are the rarest of all gunstock blanks, for example, of 100 classe 4 , one may find one blank so exceptional it is considered as classe 5.